2 Pack Barn Yarn Animals & Organic Catnip Cat Toy


Barn Yarn Animals with Organic Catnip 2-Pack Cat Toy

  • Chilly Dog Barn Yarn Animals are one of the best selling cat toys in the United States.
  • There are hundreds of hand made characters with amazing details all stuffed with organic catnip.
  • Barn Yarn Animals are hand made in South America by our talented artisan knitters.
  • They are filled with organic catnip grown in the US.
  • You may not specify color or character when ordering.


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    2-Pack Wooly Barn Yarn Animals Filled With Organic Catnip

    Introducing our 2-Pack Wooly Barn Yarn Animals, a beloved classic in the world of feline entertainment. These charming creations are not just cat toys; they’re a testament to the artistry and dedication of our talented artisan knitters from South America. Chilly Dog’s Barn Yarn Animals have earned their reputation as some of the best-selling cat toys in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. Each of these handcrafted characters is filled with the finest organic catnip, grown right here in the USA.

    With intricate details and hundreds of unique characters to choose from, your cat will be endlessly delighted by the whimsical assortment of Barn Yarn Animals. However, it’s a delightful surprise, as you can’t specify the color or character when ordering, adding an element of excitement to each pack.

    Treat your feline companion to a pair of these delightful creations and watch as they play, pounce, and purr in pure feline bliss. Chilly Dog Barn Yarn Animals are more than toys; they’re a testament to the craft and care that goes into making playtime extraordinary for your furry friend.


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